11358 S. Ave. 9E, Yuma Arizona  85365  (928) 344-4713

  About Our Church
This Church is a Bible-believing, Christ-centered fellowship of people walking and growing together.  We believe we should be active in trying to meet the needs of our neighbors, and helping them find Peace with God.

Our Services are in English and we are a part of
Iglesia Cristiana Tierra Fertil, which is a member of the
Southern Baptist Convention.

Recently we have begun revisiting the truths about what the Primary Mission of the "church" is supposed to be. For an eye-opening insight into this, click here to read
this by Dennis Pethers

"Almost everywhere people are talking about a looming CRISIS that is facing the church! But what is this crisis, and what can be done to prevent it?"
"Everywhere I travel I hear people talking about a crisis that is facing the church. They believe the crisis is that people aren't coming to church in the way they did in previous generations. The heart of this small book is to affirm that this is not the crisis!! The crisis facing the church today is that the people who are coming to church aren't sharing what they know with people who aren't."
                                                                                       Dennis Pethers

This church stands firm on the tenets of Biblical Faith, such as Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ, as taught to us by the inspired and in-errant
Word of God.